Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Orleans Food and Wine Experience Review

     May 27, 2011.... I walk into the Convention Center with muddled expectations.... is it a sit down dinner? Will there be individual tables? Long tables?? As my husband and I approach... at first we see only middle-aged couples approaching... but as we go in, we see that the age range is actually quite varied... everything from 20 somethings to 70 somethings... in everything from cocktail dresses to jeans... As we walk in, we're handed these little bamboo trays that have this nifty little hangy-spot for your wine glass. We are also handed a wine glass, and I began to think to myself, "You mean we're not gonna sit down at all?? I paid $98 to not have a seat??" Then I begin to look at the list (which is really like a small novel!!) of all the restaurants and wineries that are offered.... and it appears that every single awesome restaurant that I could possibly imagine in the city of New Orleans (everything from Antoine's to Parkway Bakery!!) is represented. My curiosity is sparked.... and looking at the list... the price seems to dwindle and suddenly appear extremely reasonable.... and then... the doors open....
     The very angels of Heaven seem to chorus! How glorious!!! To New Orleanians... a veritable Food Nirvana unfolds! Tables upon tables of food, and each one with a wine table right next to it!! I wish I could give reviews of everything I tasted and where it came from.... but I was unprepared.... I would have needed a notebook and pen or some sort of recording device, be it audio or visual... Needless to say, I was in awe.... and was having lots of regrets for having eaten anything at all during the day... I should have fasted in preparation.... Gumbo in a bread bowl, seared scallops... tuna wrapped in beef served over a paste of butternut squash... lobster mac and cheese... It was mindblowing. It was hard not to concentrate entirely on the food, but I did take a moment to notice the decor.... the hall was done up beautifully! Twinkling lights in trees and soft uplighting made the Convention Center just magical looking! Add a few extremely sporty and expensive Audis on display, and it made you feel like a millionaire... it also made you wonder how you ONLY paid $98 for this!! I really can't give a whole lot of detail on all the different wines I tried because honestly.... I'm a light-weight and I got very tipsy, very quickly.... not tipsy enough, however, to forget that I had chosen a not comfortable-enough shoes.... Yes, there was dessert... there were also dessert wines... CC's was also there with some yummy yummy fancy coffee drinks... it was PHENOMENAL... I drank too much and hardly ate enough... next year, I'll know to prepare better, because you've got to believe that I WILL be there next year, and I would advise any one reading this to be there too!! If you've never been to New Orleans and you don't get a lot of time off... take off the last weekend in May and come to the New Orleans Food and Wine Experience!!! It is quintessential New Orleans extravagance!! And you'll be able to say you ate food from nearly every restaurant in the city!!
     A bit shout of thanks to Jeff and Monique Serpas for requesting our attendance! New Orleans Food and Wine Experience is one experience I swear I'll never miss again!