Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twas the First Night of Playoffs

'Twas the first night of Playoffs,
And all through the house
Kingcake crumbs were stirring,
Attracting a mouse.
The kids in their jerseys
Were snug in their beds
While visions of Superbowls
Danced in their heads.
But my eyes were not closing.
There was just no way.
Must have had too much sugar
And cafe au lait...
When on Canal St.,
There arose such a clang.
It was simply a streetcar
Dropping off a large gang.
I would not have gone out,
But the voice that I heard
Was way too familiar,
And I heard every word:
"Hey Sprolsie! Hey Colston!
Hey Meachum! Hey Grahm!
Hey Harper! Hey Collins!
Get out here, Ingram!
Now you said this place
Was just down the line!
But I don't see any burgers!
You know it's snack time!"
He was holding a football
He handled with ease.
I knew from that birthmark
It must be Drew Brees!
He was classy and polished -
Unlike some young Lion.
I couldn't believe it!
I was nearly cryin'!
They seemed to need help
So what else could I do??
I stepped off the porch,
And I spoke to him too.
"Hey Saints, are you lookin'
For some place to dine?
'Cuz you know the Beachcorner
Is right down the line."
"Well whaddya know!
That is just what Mark said.
I'm sorry our racket
Stirred you from your bed."
"No problem at all!
I was up and about.
You know any Who Dat
Would love helpin' y'all out!"
And they all signed my jersey
Much to my glee.
Then they climbed on the streetcar
And waved back at me.
And I heard Drew exclaim
As they rolled down the line,
"Rest easy now, Who Dats!
That Lombardi is mine!"

Hehehe!! I wrote that this morning! Had to share! :-)

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